Embrace a new era of people management


7Geese is a performance management software that empowers employees to better achieve goals, get recognized, and receive continuous feedback in an engaging social environment using OKRs. 7Geese allows organizations to focus on engaging people, improving goals visibility, and enhancing company culture to achieve long-term sustainable growth. 7Geese is for organizations that are moving away from traditional command-and-control management to partnering with their people to unleash the human spirit at work.


Product designer - Project lead



Facilitated continuous improvements to the product as an embedded designer on a scrum team


Build and test prototypes with internal stakeholders and customers


Participated in weekly design reviews with the product design team


Conducted user research + testing to identify gaps and opportunities for new solutions


Pushed and led major improvements on the design system


In collaboration with Kevin Fales, Topp Brocales, Allan Maltais & Laurice Manaligod

Web platform design

As an embedded designer in a scrum team, I was responsible for designing screens and related states within 2-week sprints.

Design system

7geese web app is a very feature rich product, however it lacked cohesive design system when I started. As more designers and developers joined the team, and also as more features were being added onto the platform, we pushed hard (when we can) to develop more mature design system.
Form builder design